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Most importantly, I will provide you honesty as to how I can help. 

If you want or need a service I don't provide, I'll offer suggestions on colleagues that might be able to assist.


If we do end up working together, it will be because we're a good match and will get the best out of our relationship.   


It's not always easy to know what you want or how you want it, until you start the process.

I don't expect all my clients to come to me with clear or set ideas. I don't expect them to never change their minds or shift their approach.

My brain and thoughts are just as fluid, and I enjoy working with clients who grow with their words and needs.


I don't just enjoy my work, I live it while I'm in it. 

For the client, this means I work above and beyond to meet their deadlines, to spot things out of the ordinary, to hunt down inconsistencies, and to create ideas for them that make their work not just professional, but outstanding.


Possibly an unusual thing to tell my clients, but

we're all a bit quirky in our own way

For me, this doesn't just mean I have a creative side, it also means that I am able to add a different flavour or experience or thought to something, if that's what you need.

Proofreading, Copyediting and Copywriting Services in London, UK

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