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Manuscript Assessment

What is it?


A manuscript assessment is for those writers who aren't feeling confident in their work and aren't ready for the world to read it.


If you are stuck with your plot, lack confidence, or need someone to give you honest feedback, this is a good starting point in the process of getting published.


Julie Pinborough. London Copyeditor, Proofreader, Copywriter.

What I can do for you

I will read your full manuscript from beginning to end. Then, I'll go away, walk the dog, drink lots of coffee, walk the dog some more, and really digest the story you have unravelled. Once I've done that, I'll write a report which will include an analysis of the structure, plot, and characters of your MS.

Based on its strengths and weaknesses, I'll offer suggestions for improvement. My aim will be to inspire you to write, to continue with your craft, to motivate you and to help you push forward.

The report will include things such as:

  • The strength and impact of your opening chapters

  • Plot development and the conclusion

  • Key dramatic events including pace and dramatic climax

  • Action, tension and credibility, and the momentum of the plot

  • Atmosphere and scene-setting

  • Writing style including fluency, strength and tone of voice

  • Progression of narrative and narrative viewpoints

  • Highlighting grammar and punctuation problems

  • Handling of exposition and character backstory

  • Characterisation and dialogue


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