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Dissertations & CVs

Julie Pinborough. London Copyeditor, Proofreader, Copywriter.

Don't go into meltdown

The difference between a good CV and a bad one is a job interview. I can help you get to that stage by working with you to present the best of who you are on paper. 

The same applies to your dissertation or thesis. None of us can edit our own words with great success, but a pair of trained eyes can make that crucial jump between grades. 

Don't go into meltdown about the cost or the time - this is your career and the future you are investing in. 

Having worked with undergraduate and postgraduate students at Queen Mary University of London for over eleven years, I have been able to offer a breadth of expertise in the areas of:

  • Job applications

  • Funding applications

  • CVs

  • Cover letter

  • Dissertations

  • Essays

  • Project submissions

  • Thesis proofing

How I can help you

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