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Julie Pinborough, London Copyeditor and Proofreader

Emma Smith | PA EDitorial

Julie’s intuition is second to none. She is utterly dedicated to providing edits of the highest quality within a very reasonable timeframe. Her timekeeping and turnaround under pressure are exemplary.


Julie’s warm, buoyant, and professional attitude is infectious, and her interactions with colleagues and clients at all levels are always very positive. She displays a high level of expertise and knowledge in all aspects of her role.


Julie is always willing and ready to assist when and wherever she can, including at very short notice. We feel very lucky to have such a proficient, committed copyeditor on board.



I’ve been a copyeditor and proofreader for over five years, and I love what I do. Aside from immersing myself in words every day, I’m able to share this passion with my clients. 


I studied English Literature and History (and then Law) at university and have always been passionate about books, writing, and reading. For me, editing and writing go hand in hand, and as a self-published author, I am able to pass on the knowledge I’ve gained to my clients.


After extensive training and setting up my business in 2017, I’ve worked with clients worldwide, in different genres and within specialist fields.

With my commitment to clients and their work, I quickly moved from being a new member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP) to a professional member in 2019. My training and experience have been vetted and approved by the UK’s recognised professional body (and the people who know what they’re doing).

I live in London with my little dog (she has a successful travel blog with over 10,000 subscribers) and am lucky enough to enjoy a unique village life despite being just twenty minutes from the city. I love running and photography, especially in and around the centre of London. 

Previously, I worked in the legal profession for over eleven years, lecturing and writing course modules and their associated documents while developing students’ written and practical skills. Having founded and directed an award-winning Legal Advice Centre at Queen Mary University, I acted as a consultant for other universities, built international relationships with law firms and universities worldwide, and sat as a magistrate. Before this, I spent ten years in the commercial world. 


I take continuing education seriously. It keeps my skills sharp as an editor and ensures I stay aware of the current trends and needs that might influence my clients’ work.

Professional Editing Training

Additional Professional Training

  • Social media marketing

  • Digital Marketing

  • Graphic design

  • Advanced professional photography 

  • Blogging and content management

  • Excel

My CIEP profile can be found here.







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