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Julie Pinborough. London Copyeditor, Proofreader, Copywriter.


Your words are Unique. Your needs are unique. 


The cost of my services depends on the length of the work being submitted, its type and its complexity.


A basic business leaflet will cost much less than a 100,000-word novel or a PhD thesis. 


But there are no hidden costs.


 I will provide you with the individual tailored service that you need. When I provide a quote, I will also send an outline of the timeframe and what you should expect from me. 

I can offer a sample edit for most services at a small fee, which is standard for the industry. This enables you to decide whether you like my work and whether we will be a good match. 

The Chartered Institute of Editors and Proofreaders has suggested minimum rates that many editors and proofreaders follow. These can be found here.


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