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What is it?

Proofreading is the final stage your work goes through, whether it is a manuscript, brochure, CV, letter, award application, website or dissertation, before it goes to print or live online. 


It’s the last step in ensuring your work looks and reads as you intended.


Julie Pinborough. London Copyeditor, Proofreader, Copywriter.

How I can help you

I'll work with you to make sure that what you present to your reader is a professional representation of you, the writer. 

Whether you've written web content, a PhD thesis, your CV, your first novel (or second), or an academic paper, I totally understand that you will want to submit it, promote it, or publish it only when it is at its finest. 

To do this, I look for errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. I hunt out the inconsistencies, as well as any layout and stylistic mistakes. 

It includes things like:

  • Grammar

  •  Spelling

  •  Punctuation

  •  Capitalisation

  •  Sentence structure

  •  Word choice

  •  Academic style

  •  Academic tone

  •  Repetition

  •  Verb tense

  •  Correct use of UK English

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