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Write: The Writer's Notebook

Write .png

You want to write and put pen to paper.

You want your story to unravel but don’t know where to start.
The best advice for a writer is to write.

But what do you do when you need to pull all your ideas, characters, scenes, settings, and arcs together?

So often, we aren’t sitting at our desks when the ideas come to us. Instead, multiple bits of paper and notebooks leave us feeling disorganised and chaotic with our thoughts and ideas. This is where the Write notebook can help. Write is specifically designed for writers. Its job is to work with you and become the centre of all things thought and written. It’s structured so you can easily find all the main sections you want to focus on.

As a soft paperback notebook, it can bend, be folded back, thrown into a bag, and live with you as you plot, develop, scribble, and create.

Write – The Writer’s Notebook provides over 200 journal pages with inspirational quotes, character development structures, show don’t tell advice, and much more.

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